Litho Colony (Tomorrow News Network: A to Z)

Hello, friends!  Welcome to another episode of the A to Z Challenge!  This year, I’m telling you all about the universe I created for my upcoming Sci-Fi adventure series, Tomorrow News Network.  In today’s post, L is for:


In case you were wondering, the galaxy is not a peaceful place.  We’ve already met the Galactic Inquisitor.  We’ve learned a little about the Hykonian Hegemonic Empire, and we’ve talked about Earth’s Imperial Exofleet.  But for the good people of Litho Colony, all those wars, all that conflict and strife—those things are very, very far away.

Litho is the outermost moon of the planet Berzelius, located in the Vesper Beta-Beta Star Sector.  The chemical element lithium is superabundant in the moon’s crust (hence the name Litho), and so Alkali Extraction Incorporated (A.E.I.) has established a small mining colony there.

That colony has been extraordinarily profitable, supplying more than half the lithium for the Outer Territories and a full 15% for the Earth Empire as a whole.  A.E.I.’s earnings keep going up, and the colonists are being well compensated for their work.

Don’t let the industrial aesthetic of the place fool you: Litho Colony is a cozy and comfortable place to live.  The hydroponics dome supplies plenty of fresh food; no one has to eat synthetic mush or take nutrition tabs.  The recreation facility is top notch, and there’s even a fully staffed school.  Litho Colony is the kind of place where people can—and do—raise families.

In short, Litho is a quiet, peaceful, isolated colony world on the frontier of space.  Nothing bad ever happens there.  And this peaceful, isolated colony world will be the setting for The Medusa Effect, book one of the Tomorrow News Network series.

And next time on Tomorrow News Network: A to Z, we’ll meet an awkward teenage boy who calls Litho Colony home.

15 thoughts on “Litho Colony (Tomorrow News Network: A to Z)

  1. Hello there my friend, enjoying what your doing as always… especially my favorite art. 🙂 Wanted to let you know that On the Master list of blogs for the challenge I have now reached #458 of 510 (that’s you). I’m so glad your doing this again. I’m a few days behind on the reading since I am going through the list being a good participant but I shall return!!! Lithio sounds like a good place to put down roots to me, quiet, peaceful.

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