Three Things You Might Want to Know About J.S. Pailly

Hello, friends, and welcome to my blog! My name is J.S. Pailly, and here are three things about me that you might want to know.


Nope, I have no scientific background.  None whatsoever.  My educational and professional experience are in a totally unrelated field.  My real dream is to write science fiction, and I started this this blog as a way to help myself do the kind of research any good Sci-Fi writer ought to do.

That being said, I work very hard to fact check the things I say about science on this blog, and I try my best to avoid spreading any scientific misinformation.  The more I learn about science, the more I love it, and I strive to do justice to science in all of my blog posts.


As I said, my real dream is to write science fiction.  That dream has already come true.  I’m the author of the Tomorrow News Network series, which follows the adventures of time traveling journalist Talie Tappler and her cyborg cameraman, Mr. Cognis.

The first novella-length story of the Tomorrow News Network series is available now.  Click here to learn more.


I do a lot of original artwork for this blog.  For those of you who are interested, you can buy prints of some of my art on Redbubble.  You can get posters, T-shirts, notebooks, stickers—all sorts of neat stuff.  Click here to learn more.

If you are interested in using my art for your own blog, website, school project, astronomy presentation, etc, please click here and use the contact form to get in touch.  I’m very open about this, and I almost always grant permission.  The only time I’d say no is if someone wants to use my art to support any kind of anti-science/pseudoscience/conspiracy theory silliness.