Hello, friends!  Welcome back to the A to Z Challenge.  For this year’s challenge, I’m telling you a little more about the universe of Tomorrow News Network, my upcoming Sci-Fi adventure series.  In today’s post, G is for:


I’ve put a lot of thought into the world-building for Tomorrow News Network, and in these A to Z posts I’ve done my best to provide lots of detail (without straying into spoiler territory, of course).  But for today’s post, I’m afraid I don’t have many details to offer.

No one knows who the Galactic Inquisitor is.  No one knows where he/she/it came from, or how long he/she/it has been around, or what the source of his/her/its power might be.  On digi-stream, rumor has it that the Galactic Inquisitor is a giant insectoid, perhaps the last living remnant of the ancient insectoid races who once ruled the universe.

But of course, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on digi-stream.

While the identity and origins of the Galactic Inquisitor remain a mystery, his/her/its philosophy of justice has been made abundantly clear to anyone who’s had to stand trial in the Galactic Inquisitor’s court.  In the Galactic Inquisitor’s own words:

Real power must understand its own strength.  Real power must learn to be gentle.  Otherwise, real power will make itself the enemy of true justice.

However, despite these words, the Galactic Inquisitor is rarely gentle when exercising his/her/its power.  In the name of true justice, whole star systems have been obliterated.  Entire species have been wiped out, and vast dead zones of sterilized worlds have been left scattered throughout the galaxy.

And so in matters of interplanetary law, it is often wiser to settle disputes as swiftly and as independently as possible, before the Galactic Inquisitor feels the need to intervene.

Next time on Tomorrow News Network: A to Z, the human race has neighbors!

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  1. The Galactic Inquisitor sounds like something new religions might form around.

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  2. Anne Nydam says:

    Yikes! I don’t want justice – I want mercy!
    (Click the Blog link on the second row) : G is for Gotham

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  3. I’m really liking this whole concept!

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  4. Rilla Z says:

    The drawing of the GI reminds me of the species in Ender’s Game. You’re a great artist, btw! I look forward to the pics in the posts.

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  5. The Galactic Inquisitor is a powerful hypocrite!

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