Exofleet (Tomorrow News Network: A to Z)

Hello, friends, and welcome to the second week of the A to Z Challenge!  This year, my theme is the universe of Tomorrow News Network, my upcoming Sci-Fi adventure series.  In today’s post, E is for:


I started developing the Tomorrow News Network universe way back in 2011.  And it was way back in 2011 that I thought up an absolutely perfect name for an outer space military organization: the Space Force.

Apparently somebody else thought that name sounded cool too.  Now the term “Space Force” comes with a certain amount of political baggage, and… well, I don’t really want to deal with any of that in my own creative work.

While trying to think up a new name for Earth’s military forces, I took some inspiration from my ongoing obsession with scientific terminology.  Astronomers tend to make this weird distinction between objects found in our Solar System and objects found orbiting other stars.  Hence, the distinction between planets and exoplanets, moons and exomoons, asteroids and exoasteroids, etc.

And so in the distant future of Tomorrow News Network, the Earth Republic (and later the Earth Empire) is defended by not one but two space militaries.  The Solar Fleet patrols and protects the Solar System itself, while the Extrasolar Fleet (a.k.a. the Exofleet) ventures out into the galaxy, expanding Earth’s territories and defending humanity’s borders against alien aggressors.

Would outer space military forces really be divided up in this way?  Does the distinction between the Solar Fleet and the Exofleet make sense?  Maybe, maybe not.  Personally, I don’t think the distinction between planets and exoplanets makes much sense either.  We humans love drawing divisions and making distinctions between things, regardless of whether or not those distinctions and divisions are necessary.  With that in mind, I think the Solar Fleet vs. Exofleet thing is true to life, even if it’s not the most pragmatic way to organize an outer space military.

In the Tomorrow News Network series, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Exofleet than the Solar Fleet.  I mean, if the Solar Fleet ever has to go into battle, that must mean things are really bad, right?  It would take an extremely rare and extremely powerful invasion force to break through the Exofleet’s lines and threaten the Solar System itself.  Let’s hope that never happens!

Next time on Tomorrow News Network: A to Z, there are tons of aliens in the Tomorrow News Network universe, and yet as of the year 2020, we Earthlings haven’t made contact with any of them.  Why is that?

10 thoughts on “Exofleet (Tomorrow News Network: A to Z)

  1. A lot of times these types of divisions exist for historical reasons anyway. Consider the divisions between US army and marines, or between navy pilots and air force pilots. Or the fact that it’s currently illegal for the federal military to be deployed for domestic action.

    Maybe there was political resistance to using the Exofleet internally, and the Solar Fleet was created to make a distinction. Or maybe someone wanted to make a big deal about committing to interstellar expansion and the Exofleet was created to emphasize it.

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