Milo Marrero (Tomorrow News Network: A to Z)

Hello, friends, and welcome back to the A to Z Challenge!  For this year’s challenge, I’m telling you more about the universe of Tomorrow News Network, my upcoming Sci-Fi adventure series.  In today’s post, M is for:


Milo’s full name is Milo Moneo Militaeus Marrero.  It’s an awkward name, which is fitting because Milo is an awkward teenage boy.  He is one of the 786 colonists living on Litho.

Like many awkward teenage boys, Milo has a crush on a girl.  Also, Milo doesn’t pay much attention in school, he tends to skip his apprenticeship in hydroponics, and he’s got a few minor citations from colonial security on his semi-permanent record.

Oh, and Milo is also a news junkie.  Most of the colonists don’t really follow the news.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Litho Colony is so very, very far away from all the war and chaos and interplanetary drama that keeps making headlines.  People have more immediate concerns, like meeting their work quotas and keeping the colony running.

But Milo has developed a peculiar fascination with the Tomorrow News Network, a news organization run by time travelers, a news organization that literally brings you tomorrow’s news today.

So when a certain attractive and popular journalist from the Tomorrow News Network shows up on Litho Colony, most people don’t know who she is, and they don’t really care.  She’s probably doing a business story about A.E.I.  Litho Colony has been turning such an extraordinary profit for A.E.I., after all!

But Milo knows better.  This journalist from T.N.N.—she isn’t just any journalist from T.N.N.  She’s Talie Tappler, the woman who covered the assassination of Reginald Zaphiro, the woman who covered the crash at Roswell, the woman who covered the Planet Eater attack on Hyla Prime.

And now that same T.N.N. reporter is walking around on Litho with a cybernetic cameraman in tow, and Milo is determined to find out why.

Next time on Tomorrow News Network: A to Z, chemistry is already a complicated subject.  By the 44th Century, it’s going to be even more complicated.

13 thoughts on “Milo Marrero (Tomorrow News Network: A to Z)

    1. Thanks! As they say, write what you know, and after ten-plus years working in the news business, that’s what I know best.

      The time travel stuff is all made up, of course.


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