IWSG: A Christmas Muse


For these Insecure Writer’s Support Group posts, I usually talk about my muse. Sometimes, I turn the floor over to my muse and allow her to talk about me, her insecure writer.

Anyway, it’s December, so my muse and I are starting to think about what we want for Christmas. Here are some of the things I hope my muse will give me:

  • New story ideas.
  • New settings to explore.
  • New characters to learn about.
  • New plot devices to exploit.
  • New ways to slip sciency stuff into my stories.

Above all, I’m asking my muse to give me enough enthusiasm to keep me writing throughout the coming year.

As for what my muse wants for Christmas…

Dc01 Christmas Muse

Muses can be mean sometimes.

So what do you hope your muse will give you for Christmas (or whichever holiday you’re celebrating this year)?

* * *

Today’s post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a blog hop hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh and co-hosted this month by Sandra Hoover, Mark Koopmans, Doreen McGettigan, Megan Morgan, and Melodie Campbell. To see a full list of participating blogs, or maybe to join the group yourself, click here.

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