Need a New Role Model? Meet Mercury! — My Hubble Abode

Hello, friends!

Venus is my favorite planet, and it probably always will be. In my mind at least, Venus is the planet with the most personality. But Fran from My Hubble Abode makes a pretty compelling case for Mercury, and I can at least agree that Mercury deserves a lot more love than it currently gets. So to anyone who hasn’t picked a favorite planet yet, please take the following into consideration:

What’s your favourite planet? Saturn? Jupiter? Earth? It’s probably not Mercury, so here are 3 reasons that it should be your favourite planet! Mercury flaunts his natural face A poreless face has been all the rage, but there’s nothing about Mercury’s surface that says smooth. Mercury has the most cratered surface out of all the […]

Need a New Role Model? Meet Mercury! — My Hubble Abode

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