Quantum Physics is Weird (Reblog from SelfAwarePatterns)

Hello, friends!

Quantum physics is weird.  It overturns all our silly human notions about common sense.  Atoms and photons and mass vector bosons—and all sorts of other particles and/or waves like that—exist in this mystical world where anything is possible and nothing makes sense.

But while while world of quantum physics may defy common sense, the way scientists study the quantum world is highly logical and methodical.

Today, I want to share a post that Mike Smith did over on SelfAwarePatterns.  It’s a great introduction to the most common “interpretations” of quantum theory—in other words, the most popular schools of thought about what all that quantum mumbo jumbo actually means.

So before you throw up your hands and declare that quantum physics is nonsensical science voodoo, please check out Mike’s post.  It’s really good!

With quantum physics, we have a situation where a quantum object, such as a photon, electron, atom or similar scale entity, acts like a wave, spreading out in a superposition, until we look at it (by measuring it in some manner), then it behaves like a particle. This is known as the measurement problem. Now, […]

The measurement problem, Copenhagen, pilot-wave, and many worlds — SelfAwarePatterns

4 thoughts on “Quantum Physics is Weird (Reblog from SelfAwarePatterns)

  1. Quantum physics is sort of which deals with quanta of physical quantity & shows large variation in properties in slightly change in quanta 😊😊 Thank you

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  2. This interpretation of quantum mechanics is widely known as Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Its a probabilistic approach advocated by Neil bohr, heisenberg and company..

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