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I’ve been debating with myself how much I should reveal for this month’s IWSG. I’ve decided this is a case where less is more.

I had an extremely rough week last week, which was the culmination of a rough month, which was ultimately the culmination of a year that did not go according to plan. The important thing is that I feel like I should have seen all this coming, that I should have done something to protect myself or prepare myself better.

In other words, I feel like what happened was my own fault. That, more than anything else, took a psychological toll on me. That, more than anything else, is the reason why I recently took some time off from blogging and from writing in general, and I actually wasn’t sure for a while if I had it in me to ever pick up the pen again.

But then I ended up watching some old episodes of Star Trek, and Captain Picard said exactly what I needed to hear: […] it is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.”

I’m sharing this today for two reasons. First, because I think there’s a good chance someone else out there might need to hear those words, just like I did. And second, because this is another example of what fiction (even so-called escapist fiction) can do for people.

Yes, Star Trek allowed me to escape for a little while from my real life problems; that in and of itself has some value. But it also helped me see my problems in a new light. That kind of clarity is a valuable gift. We need more of that, which is why I’m leaving my own hesitation and self-doubt behind and getting back to writing. And I hope that, no matter what insecurities the rest of you might be dealing with, you will keep writing too.

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  1. chemistken says:

    I hope that whatever you’re going through works itself out, not only for your writing, but for your life in general. Escapism is great, but it’s no substitute for for real life’s problems.

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  2. Here’s hoping your future is bright with no Kobayashi Maru scenarios.

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  3. Scott Levine says:

    Here’s to you for getting back to it and for pushing through the difficult time. I’ve been having some difficulties, myself, and found that the only way, at least for me, to handle them is to keep writing, but also to remember where the line between the writing and the real life is. It’s easy for things to get blurry.

    Good luck with everything. It’s good to see you back.

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  4. Juneta says:

    The psychological toll is a steep one. Still dealing with fall out I can’t shake but what an excellent and wise post. I agree there is great value in fiction and the movies if you are open to finding it.

    I hope it all improves and whatever comes next is so much better than ever expected or hoped for. Best of luck.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

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  5. ChrysFey says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time. I hope things get better for you! I know how it is, though. I describe my own troubles in my IWSG post. Hand in there!

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  6. I hope everything improves and works out, and that you are successful in getting back to writing.

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  7. Donna L Hole says:

    Sage advice from Piccard. I have need of this same kick in the butt. Hopefully you will be able to put your troubled times behind you, and carry on with the lessons you’ve learned. Sometimes moving forward takes a stronger act of will than wallowing in disappointment.

    Such is life.

    Be well, and carry on 🙂

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  8. Simon says:

    Good stuff! Well done I look forward to more writing from you 🙂

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  9. Thanks to recall a great moment of Star Trek!!
    This incredible Sci-Fi product inspired me to write the book of my life! That is about life on Earth, in the universe and much more…..

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  10. Max says:

    I feel you brother. Being a starving writer is hard

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  11. Lidy says:

    Sometimes it is the work of fiction, although based in lies, that provides the hope, meaning and clairity we need to go on more than real life. Glad you found your way back especially thanks to where you least expected it.

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  12. I needed to hear this too! December has been hard and full of doubt. Thank you for sharing.

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  13. jmh says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been going through a rough time. I’m glad you found something to help pull you out of it. I went through a similar set of emotions this summer, where I didn’t think I’d ever write again.

    Let’s hope 2018 is a much kinder year for us both. Hugs.

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    • J.S. Pailly says:

      Indeed! I can say that I’m feeling much more optimistic today than I was a month ago or even a week ago. The nice thing about the New Year is getting to put the previous year behind you.


  14. jrose88 says:

    Good quote! I really need to watch TNG again, I haven’t since I was a kid. I watched TOS in college but it was missing the Patrick Stewart.

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  15. I’ve always loved that quote.

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