Planet Pailly: The Movie Trailer

Please read this in your best movie trailer voice:

* * *

In a world where science fiction writers often forget about science, one man wanted to do his research.


And one muse told him he should totally do that.


Coming February 15, 2017, these two will set out in their imaginary spaceship, continuing their voyages through the Solar System and beyond, and learning as much about science as their tiny brains can hold.


Coming soon to an internet near you. This blog not yet rated by the MPAA.

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4 thoughts on “Planet Pailly: The Movie Trailer

  1. I read it in the Youtube Honest Trailers guy’s voice. The effect was quite electric.

    Just a quibble: In a world where science isn’t forgotten about, rocket thrust in outer space doesn’t narrow to a point like it does in the atmosphere. It more just continues spreading out and fades, similar to a comet tail. (Yeah, I know, stop being pedantic about cartoon illustrations 🙂 )

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