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I’m still sort of busy with all my top secret stuff, so I’m going to let my muse write today’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group post for me. She has something she’d like to say, and maybe it’s something your muse would like to hear.

* * *

I was at the top of my class in muse training school. I knew everything about the secret magic of inspiration. I thought I was so ready. Then I was assigned to my writer, and he was a bit younger than I’d been expecting.


Turned out I’d have to wait… and wait… and wait, until my writer finally grew up. I also had to wait while my writer went through some bad experiences, and made some poor life choices, before he finally realized what writer’s are supposed to do with their lives (hint: it involves writing!).

At the moment, my writer is going through something of a transition. He’s taking some risks and trying some new stuff, and not everything is going according to plan. He’s starting to worry. He’s getting cold feet. He’s starting to worry that maybe he wasn’t meant to be a writer at all.

Of course he doesn’t remember how he became a writer. He doesn’t remember when it really began. He was too young at the time. Which brings me to the little piece of advice that I want to share with all the other muses who might be reading this: writers sometimes need to be reminded that they were born to write.

* * *

Today’s post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a blog hop where insecure writers like myself can share our worries and offer advice and encouragement. Click here to find out more about IWSG and see a list of participating blogs.

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  1. chemistken says:

    Okay, muse. It’s your job to keep him going throughout all these secret changes he’s making. There’s more to life than just writing words, you know. Just be inspirational and help him out.

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    • James Pailly says:

      Never fear. She knows how to do all that. I totally agree that there is more to life than writing, but writing is the central focus of my life. It’s when I lose sight of that that I start running into trouble.


  2. Your muse is wise if not very patient! Yes, sometimes we do need to remember we were born to write. On rough days, we can forget.

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  3. Muse is tricky. One day muse is good and the next not so nice. But when the the muse is on a roll, go with it!!

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  4. VR Barkowski says:

    What a wise muse you have! You should always listen to your muse ( although i wish mind would quit getting into arguments with my internal editor).

    VR Barkowski

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  5. I can barely remember when I started writing…

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  6. Scott Levine says:

    It’s good to get an update from your muse, and you’re fortunate your muse is willing to check in when you’re not up to it. Those times when you start wondering what you’re doing thinking of yourself a writer at all are the worst. Mine’s been travelling or asleep, or playing old video games for a while. Though, the skies are clear at the moment, so who knows? Thanks for your museful musing.

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  7. Juneta says:

    What a wonderful post and imaginative muse. Well done. Enjoyed.
    Happy IWSG Day!
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

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  8. What your muse has expressed is a common ailment. The real issue is that the feeling never quite completely dissipates.
    Thanks for visiting my site for #IWSG day!

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  9. Donna L Hole says:

    Some days I feel like being a writer was some mean muse’s idea of a bad joke. But, experimenting with ideas can renew the interest. Good luck with branching out.

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  10. I think my muse needs to attend muse boot camp. She’s been a bit slack on the job the last few months and The Writer (aka me) has been taking advantage.

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  11. pjlazos says:

    Clever with a ring of truth. Hey, you must have been born to write! 😆 fun post, thanks.

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