Regular readers may have noticed I missed Friday’s Sciency Words post. You may have also noticed I skipped Molecular Monday on the first Monday of the month. And I can tell you right now that I’ll be skipping a lot more of my regularly scheduled blogging days in the near future.

I did post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group last Wednesday, and in my IWSG post I mentioned that I have a top-secret master plan for 2017. And that secret plan requires me to [TEXT REDACTED] and also [TEXT REDACTED].

Okay, it’s a secret plan. I guess I can’t say much, but you can probably guess that I’m doing something with the Tomorrow News Network series. You may also see some changes coming to Planet Pailly, such as [TEXT REDACTED].

Dang it, text redactor! They’re going to see those changes soon anyway. Can’t I tell them anything? [TELL THEM YOU’LL BE BACK ON FEBRUARY 15TH.]

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume on February 15, 2017, for both Planet Pailly and Tomorrow News Network. Until then, I’ll do my best to keep you appraised of my progress, without violating the terms of my top-secret master plan.

P.S.: By some weird cosmic coincidence, February 15 happens to be Galileo Galilei’s birthday. Seems like an appropriate day for a new space adventure to begin.

12 thoughts on “[BLOG TITLE REDACTED]

  1. Excited to see your [text redacted] changes! Fun blog – and curious about your “News” series! great to meet a fellow sci fi writer

    and thanks for stopping by my cradle rock release tour at ken’s place!

    happy 2017 – here’s to bigger word counts!

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  2. Hmmm secrets eh? very interesting all will be revealed I sure. My instincts tells me you’re having fun teasing us with this news, James. Not fair I say, why isn’t Talie Tappler on the beat waving her pocket watch around and getting to the root of this matter?

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