Snow: Good or Bad?

I’ve heard a lot of complaining these last few weeks about snow.  Here in the North Eastern U.S., we got a lot of it.  Far more than we’re used to, and perhaps a bit more than we know how to handle.

Now I certainly understand why some people hate snow.  It’s not only inconvenient; it can also be dangerous.  Snow contributes to people getting sick.  It makes driving more difficult.  It even makes walking difficult.


At the same time, snow is beautiful.  Just because it’s dangerous doesn’t change its beauty.  The Sun is dangerous, bombarding our planet with high quantities of radiation, but we still think sunshine is beautiful.  The ocean is dangerous, with all those sharks and jellyfish and, of course, the possibility of drowning, yet I think most of us would agree that it is beautiful.  So why should snow be different?

For those of you who harbor a deep, seething hatred for snow, I’m only asking one thing: take a moment to stop, look out at the fluffy, white landscape, and try to enjoy the beauty.  Just for a moment.  You can go back to complaining later, but don’t let your grumbling suck all the joy out of life.

4 thoughts on “Snow: Good or Bad?

  1. I do agree snow is beautiful. There’s something quiet and peaceful about unmarred snow, and the feeling of being in a snowglobe as the snow falls. That said, I still want the snow gone the next day, so I don’t have to worry about driving in it or slipping and falling.


  2. I think snow has always been at odds with human industry, all the way back to the first agrarian societies which had to stop all farming when snow fell. Today, many of us can still carry on our industry from in front of our home computers… except when the snow takes out our power lines. But snow is one of the best signs we have to remind ourselves that, sometimes, nature gives us permission to bundle up, huddle together, and take it easy for a change.

    (Assuming you’ve already collected your nuts for the winter.)


    1. Nicely put! A few years ago, I had to endure a snow-related power outage. I ended up rediscovering the beauty of candle light. Turned out to be a fairly pleasant experience for me.


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