Bad news, everyone.  Our worst nightmare is about to come true.  No, I don’t mean the one where you show up to work/school with no clothes on.  I mean that other one.  The one full of robotic super snakes.  Soon, those robo-snakes will be real.

Snake meets Robo-Snake
Snake meets robo-snake.

They’re designing these things for the purpose of exploration.  The European Space Agency wants future Mars rovers to bring little, robotic snake companions.  These robo-snakes could slither around on the Martian surface, crawling into those tight spaces rovers just can’t go.

But I think we all know what’s going to happen.  One day, when the robots rise up against us to overthrow humanity, we’ll see swarms of robo-snakes coming at us.  Thanks, European Space Agency.

P.S.: As if robotic snakes weren’t bad enough, scientists are also working on a robotic octopus.  Click here to read about that.

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