The Void People

I’d like to announce that a short article I wrote for Sci Fi Ideas has been posted as part of their Alien August competition.  The article profiles the Void People, an alien race who live inside an artificial black hole.  I feel truly honored to have something I wrote on such a great website.  Please click here to see my article.

If you write Science Fiction, Sci Fi Ideas is the perfect place to find a little inspiration.  They don’t usually publish completed stories but rather brief articles suggesting plot ideas or describing potential settings, characters, or alien races.  Anyone can then come and develop those ideas under a creative commons license.

I don’t go there so much to get ideas for my stories but to help keep my mind open to the many possibilities Science Fiction can offer.  Science Fiction relies on strange, unconventional ideas.  Often, the stranger and more unconventional the idea, the better the story will be.  We need websites like Sci Fi Ideas to keep us from rehashing plots from Star Trek over and over again and to keep us thinking about all the weird, crazy things that can happen in this universe.

So I hope you’ll go check out my article on the Void People, and be sure to bookmark or subscribe to Sci Fi Ideas.  They’ve got a lot of cool stuff, so it’s worth wasting a few hours browsing through their posts.  Maybe you’ll find an idea or two for your next science fiction adventure.

P.S.: I’d like to call special attention to “The Planet Brokers” by Dan Palacios.  It’s one of the rare completed stories published on Sci Fi Ideas.  I read it only a few days ago, and it’s the best Science Fiction story I’ve encountered in a long, long time.  It’s about the day we sold the planet Venus to alien prospectors.  Click here to start reading “The Planet Brokers.”

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