The Girliest Planet

Venus may be the only planet named after a woman, but it is no longer the girliest planet in the known universe.  Scientists recently announced the discovery of the planet GJ 504b.  This is one of the few planets outside our Solar System that astronomers have been able to photograph, and they report that the planet is pink.  Really pink.  Like Barbie Dreamhouse pink.

Scientists have gathered a lot interesting data about the pink planet aside from it’s color, such as it’s distance from its parent star and its temperature.  What hasn’t been widely reported is that the planet Venus hasn’t taken the news well and is super jealous.

Venus and the Pink Planet
The surface temperature of Venus is between 800 and 900 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas GJ 504b’s is estimated to be roughly 460.

For more information on the pink planet, click here.

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