Today is my birthday.  You may be wondering how old I am.  To quote Mr. Worf when asked the same question, “I am… old enough.”

Sadly, the one thing I really want—to celebrate my birthday in space—is still not possible.  At least not at any price I can afford.  So I’m counting on you, SpaceX, and you, Virgin Galactic, and you other private space tourism companies to make my birthday wish come true some day if not today.  Keep building your spaceships, keep improving your technology, and as your industry booms keep your promises to gradually lower your prices.  If you guys really want to spoil me, you should look at ways to get me to the Moon or Mars within my lifetime.

I suppose if I can’t go to space this year, an acceptable alternative would be the discovery of the Higgs Boson.  The Higgs Boson is a theoretical particle, sometimes called the God particle, which would explain why other subatomic particles have mass.  CERN, the European nuclear research agency currently leading the search for the elusive boson, has hinted that they’ve found something.  They’re planning to make an announcement in early July.

If nothing else, I am happy I was born in an era with so many exciting advancements in science and technology.  That alone is worth celebrating.

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