Zombie Apocalypse

CNN’s Erin Burnett recently compared the strange, cannibalistic behavior of a man in Miami to that of zombies.  He was reportedly savage like an animal, attacked another man and ate human flesh, and when police came they had to shoot him multiple times to stop him as though he possessed super human strength.  According to police, the man was on synthetic drugs commonly referred to as “bath salts.”

Zombie novels, movies, and video games have explained the zombie apocalypse in many different ways.  It can be caused by a virus, nanotechnology, or even drugs.  Usually these drugs are manufactured by the government or some powerful corporation, but it turns out the people who make bath salts—whoever they are—are the real danger.

If bath salts don’t start the zombie apocalypse, there are plenty of other things that could.  For example, ants with a certain fungal infection have exhibited zombie-like behavior.  According to researchers, the fungus infects the ant, grows into the brain, and takes control of the insect’s whole body.  It then directs the ant to a cool, dry location where the fungus can grow and spread its spores.  According to scientists, there is no reason why a similar fungus couldn’t infect other organisms.  For more on this, click here.

The good news is that when the Zombie apocalypse comes, we will have the laws of physics to protect us.  The first law of thermodynamics tells us that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, but the second law says they can be—and inevitably must be—wasted.  Nothing can use energy with 100% efficiency, not even a zombie.  So as they claw at your door trying to get in, be assured that they’ll eventually wear themselves out, the energy slowly draining from their mutilated bodies, and then they’ll die.

So before the bath salt epidemic goes too far or before zombie ant fungus spreads to humans, stock up on food, find a secure shelter, and be prepared to wait the zombies out.  They can’t go on forever.

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