One hundred years from now, robots won’t only work in factories.  They’ll also make art.  Already, artists in France are using flying robots known as quadcopters to construct some kind of modern art sculpture.  As robots develop emotions, and we all know they will, maybe they’ll find ways to express those emotions through art rather than through the destruction of humanity.  I for one am glad the French are thinking ahead.  Click here for more on robot artists.

One hundred years from now, when you go see the latest art exhibit by Art-bot 9000, you’ll probably drive in a futuristic car that’s more like a modern smart phone. It will have touch screen controls, the exterior will change colors or display text, and it’ll have plenty of other apps.  Toyota recently unveiled a new concept design which could be the first in a long line of smart cars.  Click here for more on that.

And when you drive your smart car off the road because you were too busy playing that classic video game Angry Birds, cybernetic insects will be the first responders to the scene.  Special microchips will control the insects’ brains, and the motion of their wings will generate power for tiny cameras and sensors that will determine if you are alive and how much medical attention you need before the smart ambulance shows up.  Click here for more on cyborg insects.

We have a wonderful, strange future to look forward to, and if you don’t think you’ll still be alive one hundred years from now to enjoy it, click here.

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