The new Twilight movie premiers this Friday.  I don’t know about you, but I plan to be standing in line Thursday night waiting for the midnight showing.

The Twilight series focuses on the Cullens, a family of vampires who have decided for ethical reasons not to feed on humans.  They drink the blood of animals instead and jokingly compare themselves to vegetarians.  Thanks to modern science, more vampires will soon be able to live the “vegetarian” lifestyle.

Researchers in France say they’ve found a way grow red blood cells in the lab.  Previous experiments with artificial blood focused on making a synthetic blood substitute.  This time, they’ve made real blood: fully functional blood cells no different from the kind already in your veins.

Scientists took stem cells from a patient and coaxed them into becoming red blood cells.  Once this worked, the new blood cells were given to the patient as a transfusion.  Since the blood was real blood made with the patient’s own DNA and not a man-made substitute, it went right to work, and the body accepted it without trouble.

Vampires should be really excited about this news, because this blood will taste exactly like the real thing and provide the same nutritional value.  They won’t have to kill humans anymore.

For more information on growing blood in the lab, click here.

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