It’s going to be the future soon, and you may be wondering what your everyday life will be like when it’s finally here.  These three videos take a look at how our vision of the future has changed over the years.

First is the House of the Future, part of the Tomorrowland theme park at Disneyland.  This video of from the late 1950’s.

Next, we have the House of Tomorrow, built by a group of architects called “Living Tomorrow.”  The video is from 1991.

Lastly, we have a video from Corning Glass Company showcasing futuristic products that can be made using glass.  It includes not only a house of the future but the workplace of the future, the bus stop of the future, and the shopping mall of the future.

Sadly, these visions of the future never seem to turn out as cool as they seem in the videos.  But still, that roll-up computer screen is pretty awesome, and it looks like it’s smartphone compatible!

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  1. Jen says:

    dang.. I thought you were going to tell me which house we were going to buy in the near (hopefully) future…


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