The MESSENGER Probe has been in orbit of Mercury for about three months now, and its already unraveling some of the tiny planet’s biggest mysteries.  Just getting a probe to Mercury was a challenge, due to the proximity of the Sun, so until now we’ve had surprisingly little information about that particular planet.

Some of the things MESSENGER is investigating include Murcury’s volcanic activity, its magnetic field, and the possibility that, deep within some of its craters, there might be water ice.  In the spirit of science fiction, here are some other things it might find.

  • In addition to water at the bottom of those craters, perhaps there are tunnel entrances leading to a labyrinth of underground caves where alien life could exist.
  • Evidence that Mercury is not a planet but an abandoned, Death-Star-like spaceship.
  • Analysis of the surface reveals that it is Mercury, not the Moon, that is made of cheese.  Unfortunately, because of the heat generated by the Sun, the cheese is overcooked and completely inedible.

What are your theories?  What do you think we might find on Mercury?

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