Don’t Be a Sucker for Fascism

Hello, friends!

I don’t like to get political on this blog or anywhere else on the Internet.  It’s not that I’m afraid to talk about politics.  It’s just that I think other people do the politics stuff better than I ever could, and I’d rather focus my time online talking about other things.  Mostly outer space stuff.  Sometimes also dinosaur stuff.

But recently, I came across a video that I really, really, really wanted to share.  You see, I’ve been working on the next Tomorrow News Network novella, and a big part of my research for the next T.N.N. novella involves learning more about post-World War II era America.  Mind you: not the stereotypes about post-war America, but the reality—both the good and the bad.

In the course of my research, I came across this P.S.A. from 1947 entitled “Don’t Be a Sucker (for Fascism).”  And I was shocked—absolutely shocked—by how relevant this 1947 P.S.A. is to the world we live in today.  So if you have seventeen minutes to spare today, please check out this video.  I think you’ll find it is well worth your time.

And remember: don’t gamble with the liberties of others.  If you do, you may find your own liberties being taken away as well.

P.S.: And if you haven’t already, go vote!!!

19 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Sucker for Fascism

  1. I’d not seen that clip before, but as you say – how prescient & oh so relevant to today. I’ve learned just how full history is of lessons.

    I haven’t voted, but that’s because I’m in the UK and having to wait for the opportunity to do something about our present shambolic mob.

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    1. History does seem to repeat itself, doesn’t it? Being in the UK is a pretty good reason to not vote in the US election. When your time comes, though, I’m confident that you’ll do the right thing.

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      1. You’re assuming I voted Labour just because I’ve said something critical about the present Conservative government. Hmmm. Well, you’d be incorrect.

        As I’m also opening to learning from what happens in the present day as much as from history, I listened with an open mind when my Jewish friends who did vote for Jeremy Corbyn tell me that being anti the treatment of Palestinians by the State of Israel is not anti-semitism.


      1. Thank you Steve, that’s most gentlemanly of you.

        There was much about Corbyn that made me unable to put a tick in his box, discomfort around even the possibility of anti-semitism (proven or otherwise) being only one of them.

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      2. I’m glad to see this ended up being a civil conversation! Steve,, Debs, I’ve known both of you for quite a few years now, and I have the utmost respect for you both as writers and as human beings.

        As a yankee, I don’t think I know enough about U.K. politics to comment on Corbyn, but I will say this: I’m jealous of the U.K.’s multi-party system. Well, I know it’s not just the U.K.’s system; it’s the system just about every democracy in the world uses, except the U.S.

        Here in the U.S., you can vote for a third party, if you really want to, but it’s little more than a symbolic gesture. If you want your vote to actually matter, you have to vote Democrat or Republican. Sometimes that means voting for the lesser of two evils. A few states are experimenting with new election laws that might help third parties be more viable, but I imagine it’ll be a long, long time before anything changes nationwide.

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