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Umm, hi.  This is James’s muse.  My writer is… unavailable for writing today, so I’m just going to take care of writing this post myself.

The good news is that my writer finished the A to Z Challenge. His theme was the scientific search for alien life.  My writer has always been laser-focused on writing science fiction—he’s not interested in writing anything else—so it should be obvious why he wanted to dedicate so much time and effort to this topic.

My role in all this was, of course, to feed my writer inspiration.  But it’s also my job to help my writer manage his time and to give him that vital push to keep going when he needs it.  And getting through those last few letters of the alphabet… my writer needed a lot of help with that.  I had to push him really hard, and I had to make him give everything he’s got.

So now my writer’s kind of burned out.  He’ll probably need a few days off before he gets back to his regular writing routine.  Muses should not do this to their writers on a regular basis, but in this case I’d say it was worth it.  And whenever my writer wakes up from his nap, I’m pretty sure he’d agree with me.

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  1. Lidy says:

    Ah, burn out. Been there before. For the life of me I still can’t fathom what possessed me to take nothing but poetry classes in a single term during college. Was taking Chaucer Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare Tragedies and reading it in the original langue it was written in. On top of that was taking 19th Century British Poetry, 20th Century American Poetry and Advanced Poetry Workshop. Enjoy your days off. And please muse, wait awhile before feeding any new writerly inspiration.

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  2. I internally winced for you when I realized IWSG day was May 1st. Your A to Z was amazing and something to be proud of!

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  3. Burn out in blogging is easy to do. I know I’ve been there before. It’s not just the writing, but finding and researching content. And I’m sure in your case the drawing must take a lot of time.

    Anyway, enjoyed the A-Z. Have a good break!

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    • J.S. Pailly says:

      Thanks! Yeah, research probably ate up more time than anything else. This theme required a whole lot of extra reading. With the illustrations, I reused some of my older drawings, so that saved me a lot of time.

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  4. chemistken says:

    I’ve been so buried in life-changing events lately, I forgot all about the A-Z challenge. Heck, I don’t think I even visited any blogs since the last IWSG post. So I can hardly point the fingers at someone who’s actually been posting on a daily schedule. Maybe one day I’ll accept the challenge, but until then I can only marvel at those who do.

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  5. emaginette says:

    I don’t blame him there. The posts I read looked like a lot of work. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

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  6. Congratulations on taking part in the A-Z challenge! I’ve had to skip it for a few years now because it is such a time commitment, but it’s always a great experience. Maybe someday I’ll have time for it again.

    Enjoy your break!

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  7. If he finished the Challenge, then that was quite an accomplishment!

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  8. David Davis says:

    You had some inspiring A-Z posts. Great artwork too.

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  9. Juneta says:

    Love it. I love the drawing too. You are very talented. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Happy IWSG.

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  10. jmh says:

    The A to Z Challenge is intense! No wonder you need a break. Congrats on successfully completing it!

    Hopefully you can have some rest now.

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