Buy Me a Coffee?

I feel kind of weird about asking for money, but I’ve heard a lot of good things from other writers about Buy Me a Coffee. So yesterday, I signed up. If you’re interested, you can click here to see my (very sparse) Buy Me a Coffee page, or there should now be a button over on the left side of this website.

I really don’t want to pressure anybody or make any kind of hard sell.  If you like what I do on this blog and you feel like throwing a few dollars my way, that’s cool, and I really appreciate it.  If not, that’s cool too.  I’m grateful to everyone who reads my posts and shares in these sciency adventures with me.

I do feel like I should issue a brief disclaimer, though, to anyone who does decide to donate: I don’t actually like coffee. I’m more of a tea person, although I don’t drink much tea either.  So any money you donate will go toward art supplies.

This is sort of an experiment for me, so we’ll see how things go.  If you have any thoughts or recommendations about Buy Me a Coffee or other forms of crowdsourcing, let me know in the comments.  This is very new to me, but I am (as always) committed to learning more.

7 thoughts on “Buy Me a Coffee?

  1. its funny isn’t it? I put up a donation article way back when on my blog and no one gave a cent and do you know why? its simple really and I wasn’t even asking for myself it was for charity but anyway I figure its because blogs need “celebrity status” its not good enough to go meet the stars, you have to drag ’em over kicking and screaming. So heres 3 bucks dude.

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  2. I’d be interested to see how things go with this. I’ve always pictured the ko-fi stuff as random cups of coffee showing up at the recipient’s house, but that’s because I’m broke and haven’t had an opportunity to donate to anybody yet.

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    1. Well, a random cup of coffee did show up at my door.

      No, I’m kidding. I did get a few dollars out of this, which I’m really grateful for. I’m earmarking that money for art supplies, so the next time I go to the art store maybe I’ll post something about what I get.

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