A System of Plenty

I’m still off on my blogging break, but I saw this really awesome post yesterday and wanted to share. You can call it science or you can call it science fiction. Either way, it’s a really cool concept to think about, so please enjoy.

Rationalising The Universe

Hello RTU readers. So today I’ll be writing about an idea that combines two of my favourite ideas in astrophysics; exoplanets and black holes. This post comes at an exciting time as I know now that from October I will be starting a PhD in Astrophysics at University College London, during which my research will involve theoretically modelling exoplanetary processes. Exoplanetary science has exploded over the last two decades, where we have gone from not conclusively knowing that other planets or planetary systems exist, to having over 3,786 confirmed planets in 2,834 systems, with 629 systems having more than one planet. It is has been one of those paradigm shifts where our perspective has managed to zoom out a level further, leaving us ever more humble with regards to our place and importance in this universe.

image_5733-ExoplanetsPhoto Credit: NASA

From these numbers, our characterisation of other stars and some nifty extrapolations…

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