IWSG: Real Life Problems

For this month’s episode of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, I… actually, I’ve been going through some things. I’m not quite prepared to talk about it yet. So instead, I’m going to turn the floor over to my muse. She has something to say, and perhaps it’s something your muse would like to hear.

* * *

My fellow muses, I think we all know how our writers can be. They live out there… out there in the real world, and sometimes they get caught up in their real life problems. They have chores to do. And jobs. They have to eat sometimes, and they get sleepy and pass out every night.

It’s hard for us, as ethereal beings living in the eternity of imaginary space, to tell when our writers really do need to deal with this “real life” stuff and when they’re just making excuses to skip writing. Personally, I’m really suspicious of this “job” thing. It takes up a lot of my writer’s time, and all he gets for it is something called “money.”

But recently, I had the opportunity to turn the tables on all those distractions out there in the real world. And I took that opportunity.

Now, rather than using his real life problems as an excuse to skip writing, my writer is using writing as an excuse to not deal with his real life problems! Everybody wins!

Okay, maybe I’m not too proud of myself for this one. But sometimes we muses need to be sneaky. We need to be manipulative. We need to do whatever it takes to coerce our writers into writing. And whatever else is going on in my writer’s life right now, at least he’s getting his writing done. As a muse, that’s really all I’m supposed to care about. Right?

18 thoughts on “IWSG: Real Life Problems

  1. I tend to use writing to escape from my problems too. Sometimes, when I look back on wrote during those tough times, I can see how it helped me through them, and sometimes offered solutions. Hang in there, I hope your real life problems ease up on you.

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I don’t know if my writing has offered me a lot of solutions, but maybe like you said I’ll be able to see more clearly how it helped in retrospect. I can say writing has definitely helped me clear my head, which in turn helps make my real life problems seem less scary. So that’s something!


    1. Thanks! Actually after space exploration, psychology is the thing I do the most research on. It helps me with character development, but I’m sure a lot of what I learn also seeps into these muse-related posts.


  2. ha, I’ve used writing as an excuse not to deal with my real life. So nice sometimes to slip into a world of my own creation, solving my characters’ life problems and neatly wrapping up “the end.”

    I hope your life gets straightened out somewhat soon.

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  3. Well done to your muse on keeping you keeping on with the writing. Mine has been sleeping on the job.

    Mostly, I hope that real life stop being rubbish and problematic.

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    1. I think that’s an important part of it: that having writing as an escape can help you deal with whatever else is going on. I didn’t really get that a month or two ago, but I’m starting to appreciate it a lot more now.

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  4. It seems to me after making the IWSG rounds yesterday and today, that a lot of us have been dealing with too much going on in our personal lives. Here’s to a bright and shiny new year full of possibilities! Sometimes real life can squeeze you so much that you can’t escape into your writing. I think you should count yourself lucky that writing has been helping you. Wishing you lots of writing success and melting-away real life problems in the coming months!

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