The Insecure Mars Rover’s Support Group

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Okay, today’s post is about writing. I promise. Just bear with me.

Late last month, the Opportunity rover straightened its wheels and resumed driving. You may be thinking, “Who cares? That doesn’t sound like a big deal.” But for regular Mars rover fans, this made headlines.

Mars rovers have their moments of glory: discovering new kinds of salt, observing evidence of liquid water, or detecting the faint whiffs of organic chemicals. One day a Mars rover may even uncover signs of past or present Martian life.

But between those moments of discovery comes the day to day (or rather sol to sol) drudgery of Mars roving. Moving a few inches forward. Turning your wheels. Communicating your status back to Earth then waiting 8 to 48 minutes for the go ahead from mission control to move a few inches more. Every small rock or patch of gravel can become a serious obstacle, and climbing a small hill can take months or even years.

The payoff comes eventually in the form of amazing discoveries, but only after long, tedious months of maneuvering cautiously and methodically across the craggy Martian wasteland.

Now I promised this post would in fact be about writing, and it is. A few weeks ago, I somehow got myself stuck in some gravel, so to speak. The kind of small, annoying problem that could bring my entire mission to a grinding halt. It’s only in the last few days that I’ve managed to straighten my wheels, and now I’m ready to resume driving… eh, I mean writing.

23 thoughts on “The Insecure Mars Rover’s Support Group

  1. I really like reading about the Mars mission and others. Wonderful images coming back from Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. The media nowadays is so distracting that the news from these missions gets lost to me. But I did start following them on Twitter. Liked your analogy to the rover and getting stuck. 🙂

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  2. Yeah, that’s how writing goes: a little bit at a time. You think, you contemplate, you push, and it finally moves ahead. Somehow. Keep pushing your rover (I mean you story). It will get to the top one day.

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