IWSG: Patience

This past month, my muse and I have been having the same conversation over and over again.


I don’t feel particularly insecure at the moment. Just impatient.

I’ve set some pretty ambitious goals for myself in 2017, and I’m making real progress toward those goals. That’s a plus. And I’m moving at a steady pace, which is a big plus. It’s just that my pace—steady as it is—is a bit slower than I’d hoped for.

So it’ll take me a little longer than I’d imagined to reach my goals. Which is okay. I’m not complaining. If it sounds like I’m complaining, that’s honestly not my intention.

I’m working at a slow and steady pace, and that’s probably the best thing for a writer. I’d much rather write at a slow and steady pace than deal with those boom/bust cycles that I and, I suspect, most new and aspiring writers suffer through.

So again, I’m not complaining. I don’t feel particularly insecure at the moment. On the contrary, I’m quite secure in the knowledge that I will achieve my goals—sooner or later. I just wish it could be sooner rather than later.

I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

* * *

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12 thoughts on “IWSG: Patience

  1. I’ve always been a ‘slow and steady’ writer, and despite the fact this has always been the case and will probably never change, I give myself such anxiety over it. Like I could just write constantly if I put my mind to it! I’m sure I could! Yes! But…my mind doesn’t work that way, and it probably won’t ever work that way. I need to learn patience is a virtue too.

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  2. I’ve come to accept that I’m a slow writer, but sometimes I fantasize about the day when I can write “The End” and move on to another story. I won’t consider myself a real writer until I’ve finished at least one story. Glad to hear you’re at peace with your own pace.

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  3. I have the same problem. I like having smaller side projects – even if it’s just a poem of a few lines – so I can have the experience of finishing something amid the slow progress of a longer project.

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  4. I think the most frustrating part about being slow is knowing that when you do get done, you still aren’t done! I’m working on another draft of a book I need to get finished, and when I’m done it, I need people to read it. I need to figure out how I’m getting professional editing even though I can’t afford to hire somebody.

    It’s hard to know that that finish line isn’t really the finish line, but someday you will get to the actual, real finish line for your book. And then you’ll start the next one!

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