Taking Things Easy

Typically, I like to write three blog posts per week, but I think I’m going to be taking things easy for a while. I’m not stopping or taking a break or anything. It’s just that I’m not doing much serious research at the moment, so I don’t have a whole lot of material to blog about.

There are a few topics I’m interested in covering in the near future, such as:

  • A Trip to Pluto: Maybe something in a similar vein to my recent trip to Titan.
  • The Alien Mega-structure: I’ve been reading up on this “discovery.” If you can get past the hype, there seems to be some genuine science going on.
  • A Tour of the Exoplanets: Not all of them; that would be crazy. I just want to visit a select few.

But that stuff will have to wait, because right now I’m diving into some heavy revisions for Tomorrow News Network. I’m basically rebuilding the T.N.N. universe from the ground up: reinventing physics, religion, and the whole future of human civilization. You know, the kind of stuff every humble science fiction writer does.

I’m also making Talie a little more Talie-like, and her cyborg cameraman a smidge less cyborg-y. These revisions are taking me in some unanticipated directions. I feel like it’s the best writing of my life, and I’m excited for the day when I can put it out there for people to read.

Okay, so that’s what I’m up to right now. That’s what I mean when I say I’m “taking things easy for a while.”

3 thoughts on “Taking Things Easy

  1. I used to feel guilty if I didn’t do at least one post a day and two researched posts a week. But it eventually led to serious burnout. My shoulder blowout in 2015 forced me to cut back and showed that doing so is OK.

    So nothing wrong at all with taking it easy.

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