Do Not Go Swimming on Titan

I’ve made a friend on Titan: a giant, multi-tentacled monster that swims around in Titan’s lakes of liquid methane. Today, my new friend invited me to go swimming with him. While that does sound like fun, there are a few problems with that idea:

  • I can’t exactly change into my swimming trunks. There’s no oxygen in Titan’s atmosphere, so I need my bulky spacesuit. But even if that weren’t a problem….
  • Liquid methane is a cryogenic fluid. It’s not quite as cold as liquid nitrogen, but still… If I stick my toe in the methane, my toe will probably flash freeze and shatter. But even if that weren’t a problem….
  • I would sink straight to the bottom of the lake. Liquid methane is significantly less dense than water and significantly less dense than the human body. I wouldn’t be able to float, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to swim.

However, I didn’t want to disappoint my new friend, and I did come prepared for a possible excursion over a methane lake. So I hurried back to my spaceship and grabbed my boat.

Ag24 Lake Monster of Titan

7 thoughts on “Do Not Go Swimming on Titan

  1. So by all accounts Titans native lifeform is withstanding the cold very nicely. It must be very tough and big! I’m considering for a moment the depth of the pool of methane and if you did fall in at least you’d have a good friend to fetch you out. Its very cold in space just like Titan but I couldn’t be happier knowing two interstellar lifeforms have hit it off.


  2. Hmmm. What’s the boat made out of?

    I think I saw on a science documentary that liquid methane is very clear, so if you did wear an appropriate type of suit, you would at least be able to see where you were going while walking around on the lake floor.

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