New Mission Statement

After my recent interview on Doorway Between Worlds, I realized the mission statement on my blog is seriously out of date. It was mostly about the 2015 Mission to the Solar System, which is over now. It’s been over since, like, December of 2015.

So today, I’m proud to introduce my brand new mission statement for 2016 and beyond!

* * *

Space… the final frontier. These are the research voyages of science fiction writer J.S. Pailly.

His mission: to learn about planets and stars. To learn about spaceships and alien life. To NOT just make stuff up but to study real life science.

To research physics, chemistry, astronomy, astrobiology (yes, astrobiology is a real science)… and to take all that research and use it to write really cool science fiction stories.

My00 Astro-James

Why am I doing this? Because real life science is far stranger and more exciting than anything I could have possibly imagined.

My00 Boldly Going

And to boldly go where no science fiction writer has gone before!

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4 thoughts on “New Mission Statement

  1. An excellent mission statement. Going boldly where no science fiction author has gone; absolutely! Most of the classic sci-fi stories explored concepts no one else (or hardly anyone else) had explored yet.

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