IWSG: The Kind of House Where a Writer Might Live


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I’ve written before about the difficult relationship I have with my muse. We never seem to be in sync. I want to write, and she’s not in the mood. She wants to write, but I’ve made plans with friends, or I have to leave for work, or it’s three o’clock in the morning and I’m trying to sleep.

This September created a lot of extra strain between me and my muse. You see, I moved out of my old apartment and into a nice, new house.

Oc03 Moving Day

What my muse doesn’t seem to appreciate yet is that this new house will be a much better environment for both of us. No more loud music from the apartment upstairs, no more noisy traffic outside the bedroom window at night, no more strange smells wafting in from across the hall.

There’s a lot more space and a lot more natural light. There’s even a reading room. A room just for reading! How cool is that?

The process of moving disrupted all of my creative endeavors, which infuriated my muse; however, things bounced back to normal a lot sooner than I expected. In the final week of September, after all the moving was finished, I wrote over 18,000 words, which is probably a personal best. I’m taking that as a good sign for things to come.

At the moment, I’m still sort of living out of boxes and I’m on the hunt for new furniture. Any suggestions for things I can do to make my new house an even more writing-friendly environment?

13 thoughts on “IWSG: The Kind of House Where a Writer Might Live

  1. Congratulation on the new house!

    18,000 words in a week is awesome. From what I’ve read, most professional full time authors consider 2000 words a day ideal. For anyone doing it part time, it’s spectacular. Myself, the only time I managed it was when I did Nanowrimo a few years ago, but after three weeks of it, I suffered pretty serious burn out, something you might want to be wary of.

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  2. I’d love a room just for reading. I’ve got my son’s room pegged for that – as soon as he moves out. Someday 🙂 That was an amazingly good writing week. The new house already seems writer ready.


    1. Unfortunately my comfy chair didn’t survive the move. It was an old office chair, and one of the wheels snapped off.

      According to the manufacturer, they no longer make the parts I need, so there’s really no way to fix it. It’s been an oddly emotional thing shopping for a replacement.


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