IWSG: The Voices in Your Head


The first Wednesday of the month is Insecure Writers Support Group day. It’s a sort of group therapy session for writers. Click here for more information and to see a full list of participating blogs.

Today, I want to once again turn the floor over to my muse, who has some insecurity issues of her own.

* * *

Hello. I’m James’s muse. I’m the little voice inside his head telling him to write. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one in here, and some of the other voices don’t have my writer’s best interests at heart.

Sometimes, these other voices are oafishly blunt, saying things like, “Your writing is bad and you should feel bad.” Other times, they’re a bit more crafty. “Gee,” they’ll say, “you’re really busy today. Too busy to write. Why don’t you do it tomorrow or next week?”

This nonsense is easy enough for me to ignore, but my writer gets confused and flustered.

Jy01 Little VoicesThe only thing I can do is try to make sure that my voice is the loudest. But even then, the negative voices still find ways to sabotage my writer’s efforts.

Are there are other muses out there having this kind of problem? What have you done to combat all this internal negativity and keep your writers on track?


10 thoughts on “IWSG: The Voices in Your Head

  1. I think there is certain amount of terror and self delusion going on in writers heads. It is a struggle between needing to write and share your work and being convinced its not good enough. Hang in there!


  2. Love that comic. And I think my muse is getting ready to tie me to a chair with a blunt object in her hand. Sometimes those other voices will lead you astray. Only thing you can do is take your time and find the voice that will lead you home.


  3. Hi, I’m Kira, and I’m Tracey’s muse! Sometimes I get pretty frustrated with her because she seems to listen to all those other little voices more than me. But I’m tough, and I press on! I kick her in the head at night and fill her head with tons of awesome ideas that she can’t stand to ignore. Then, when she’s not paying attention, I strangle the little voices that tell her she has no time to write, or that she’s not good enough. Those guys are jerks. XD

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