What Do the Aliens Think?

I often worry about what aliens will think when they see our television broadcasts. By now, Howdy Doody has reached Aldebaran, Gilligan’s Island has reached Eta Leporis, and the residents of Alpha Centauri have had the opportunity to watch several seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

But sooner or later, our extra terrestrial neighbors will see this:

When that days comes, I expect the aliens will wonder if we Earthlings aren’t so different from them after all.

P.S.: Yes, this is an actual children’s television program. No, I don’t know why.

3 thoughts on “What Do the Aliens Think?

  1. That would be so awesome if some alien race thought Earthlings looked and acted like that. Hahahaha. Do you think they are trying to teach kids that aliens are warm and fuzzy kooks who like to have a good time?


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