Save the Great Red Spot!

The ignominy of losing Pluto as a planet will be nothing compared to losing the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.  Pluto still exists.  It may not be considered a planet, but it still exists.  Unfortunately, the Great Red Spot, astronomers tell us, is shrinking.  Perhaps in a century or so, it will dissipate completely, and Jupiter will just be that big, stripy planet with no other interesting features.

Great Red Spot

Long ago, in the time of Isaac Newton, everyone assumed the heavens were permanent and unchanging, planets and stars forever locked in their circular pathways through the sky.  Even today, most predictions of future space events seem to forecast changes millions or billions of years in the future.  Sadly, some things can change much more quickly.

The Great Red Spot is sort of like an enormous hurricane, possibly the most beloved hurricane in the Solar System.  Let us hope that the weather on Jupiter takes a sudden turn for the worse, allowing the Red Spot to return to its former glory.

3 thoughts on “Save the Great Red Spot!

  1. I heard this too and wondered about Jupiter’s distinguishing feature, what that will do it its reputation! I suppose Jupiter is still the largest planet in our solar system.


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