Love Hurts: New Research on Spider Mating Behavior

Today’s post is for the ladies.  Have you ever been sitting in a bar minding your own business when some sleazy guy saunters over to you looking for “a good time”?  Well, here’s one way to handle this situation: murder that scumbag and eat his corpse.  That’s what certain female spiders do.

Researchers in Spain report that when a male spider approaches a female, if the male is judged undesirable, the female will simply eat her suitor.  Delicious.  Undesirable male spider traits include diminutive size, unhealthy appearance, and presumably lame pick up lines (the one about “spreading all eight of your legs” is really getting old).

This new research also showed that some of the more aggressive females ate their suitors regardless of how desirable those unfortunate suitors may have been.  It’s worth noting that the research was conducted on the species Lycosa hispanica, a wolf spider native to Spain, so we don’t know if this behavior is universal to all spiders.  For the sake of all those lonely, lovesick male spiders out there, I hope it is not.

Spider Cold Feet

For more information on the sexual cannibalism of Spanish wolf spiders, click here.

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