The Future of Money

It often seems like money has been around forever, but it hasn’t.  Some ancient human had to invent the concept of money, and the idea has continued evolving ever since.  Originally, currency was made from precious metals, and its value was that of the metal itself.  Later, someone thought of the idea of paper money, which originally represented a sample of precious metal stored in the national treasury someplace, like a little note saying, “I own a pound of gold.”  Now money is its own thing, no longer tied directly to the value of gold or silver, and thanks to credit cards and online banking, even paper money is starting to feel a bit antiquated.

Today, I want to take a look at what money might be like in the future.  Here are two videos (essentially advertisements) showing how technology is reinventing the concept of money all over again.

P.S.: One day, perhaps there might be no need for money at all.  This is the future envisioned by Star Trek, and it’s a possibility that has fascinated and confused many devoted Trekkies over the years, including myself.  Click here to find out more about the Star Trek economy.

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