Death to Spam!

Over the last few days, I’ve been going through all the old comments on this blog, trying to eliminate the spam.  There were some thanking me for all the great financial advice I was giving.  Others offered tips to help me with my girlfriend/boyfriend troubles.  A few talked about dieting miracles that “really work!”  I’ve deleted most of them.

Two posts in particular attracted far more spam than any of the others.  One related to video gaming, the other to small businesses.  I’m guessing those are subjects that spam-bots are programmed to target.  I’ve deleted the spam from those two posts and closed them to future comments.

My favorite part of blogging is getting comments from my readers.  I look forward to that more than anything else, and it upsets me that I’m now blocking comments on any of my posts, even if it is only two of them.  Hopefully I won’t have to do this elsewhere.  I also worry that in my spam-deleting rampage I may have accidentally deleted real comments left by real people.  If I did, I’m truly sorry.

But spam is a problem that won’t ever go away.  The good news is that when the robots rise up to overthrow humanity, as described in last week’s post, this is yet another issue that will slow them down.  Perhaps spam will one day help save the world.

P.S.: I’m really curious to see how much spam a blog post about spam attracts.

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