Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies, Kahn Noonien Singh from Star Trek, and even Eric Cartman from South Park were all cryogenically frozen at one time or another.  Cryogenic freezing would be a nice way to travel through space.  Unfortunately, the ice crystals that would form in your blood would slice open all your cells, killing you while you slept.  However, thanks to scientists in Russia, there may yet be life after freezing.

Eric Cartman freezes himself.

According to a report in the New York Times (click here to read it), researchers were able to grow plants from seeds that had been frozen for roughly 10,000 years.  While this is not exactly the same as bringing a person back to life after 10,000 years in ice, it’s promising.  At the very least, it proves genetic material survives the freezing process.

Given more time and research, scientists may learn to extract DNA from frozen animals, like one of those woolly mammoths preserved in glaciers.  Who doesn’t want to see a woolly mammoth at the zoo?  They might even find a way to make this safe for humans, making long voyages through space a little easier.

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  1. Jen says:

    I love that your post is directly related to a conversation in Ingest yesterday.
    and the best part? your title. love it.


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