Scientists say they’ve discovered a new virus, one that is bigger than any other.  It’s so big it can be seen with a regular microscope, rather than an electron microscope.  Fortunately it is not as big as the Macrovirus from Star Trek: Voyager (pictured above).

The newly discovered “Megavirus” is only a little bit bigger than the previous record holder, “Mimivirus.”  It has a ridiculously long DNA chain with special enzymes to repair any damage caused by UV light or radiation.  Some elements of its genetic code are similar to single celled organisms, leading researchers to believe this virus evolved from cellular life.

Don’t worry.  Megavirus does not infect humans.  It only attacks single celled organisms like amoebas.  Whereas Voyager’s Macrovirus tended to assault people in corridors, stabbing them with it’s giant DNA injector thingie.

For more information about Megavirus and Mimivirus, click here.

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  1. jongibbs says:

    Interetsing post. I remember that Voyager episode. Creepy, in a good way 🙂


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