I’m very excited about this week’s links.  Any one of them could easily inspire a good science fiction story, or at least an interesting sci-fi world.

  • Sperm Whales May Have Names from Wired Science.  If true… that’s pretty cool.  No comment yet from the dolphins.
  • Atom Smasher Finds Possible New Force of Nature from Cosmos Magazine.  Fermilab’s Tevatron particle accelerator may have discovered a fifth fundamental force in the universe… just before running out of federal funding.
  • Science Publishes Multiple Critiques of Arsenic Bacterium Paper from Science Insider.  Last year, NASA announced the discovery of Arsenic-based life in California.  Almost immediately, the experiment was attacked for possible errors.  The debate continues with huge implications for our definition of life.
  • Living in a Quantum World from Scientific American.  Sadly, this link does not provide the full article unless you have a paid subscription.  But it does give a good hint about what’s happening in quantum research.  I highly recommend stopping by a bookstore or library and checking the June issue of Scientific American; the full article will blow your mind.

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