I’m seeing more and more commas out of place, and not just on the internet.  Published authors don’t know how to use them right either!  Every book I read I seem to find at least one comma someplace it doesn’t need to be.  Usually a lot more than one.

The thing is, English is a living, evolving language.  If enough people keep making the same mistakes over and over, the mistakes become part of English grammar.  Just like how the definition of irony has changed because everyone (especially Alanis Morissette) used it wrong (I remember when irony only had two definitions; now dictionary.com says it has eight).

Most people assume languages become simpler as they age.  But maybe that’s not always true.  If the rules of how to use a comma get more complicated, to accommodate all the people who use them wrong, then maybe future English will be even more complicated and confusing than the English of today.

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  1. Jen says:

    I, am, so, honored, to, have, a, post, all, about, me!


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