Earlier this week, I posted a joke about congressmen on Twitter.  At the time, I didn’t know about the shooting in Arizona, and I have since removed the joke.  It was in poor taste given the circumstances.

While flipping through various cable news stations, I heard a lot of commentators asking if we should do something to change the adversarial tone in politics.  I guess the shooter had some problem with Democrats, since the congresswoman who was shot is a Democrat.

Many of the talking heads on TV said politicians should stop calling each other evil, communists, Nazis, racists, etc.  The same talking heads would then blame the Democrats/Republicans for starting it, and I would facepalm.

As a science fiction writer, it’s my job to imagine what the world would be like if X happened.  I wish our politicians would spend less time criticizing each other and more time fixing actual problems.  But what if it really happened?  A world without political criticism?  Would that be a utopia or a dystopia?

P.S.: Here is the Twitter comment I mentioned in the beginning.  Of course, I don’t think it’s funny anymore.  “I just had a terrible idea for a super hero: The Adventures of Congress Man.”

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  1. Jen says:

    Politicians actually doing something?! Surely that’s a dream.


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