The human race depends on one thing for its energy.  Our technology has been pushed to the limit in order to get it.  And then there was an accident.  The consequences were devastating.  The BP oil spill could have been a sci-fi disaster story.

I’m choosing it as the second biggest science story of the year not only because of the impact on the environment and culture of the gulf coast, but also because we learned a lot about how the government handles (or fails to handle) a science related crisis.

There are a lot of books out now on how the oil spill happened and how BP and the US government responded.  This is a research opportunity for science fiction writers, because if something goes wrong at the antimatter factory, or if an alien virus escapes the lab, or if any other huge science experiment gets out of control, I bet whoever is in charge will make some of the same mistakes.

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  1. Jen says:

    I expect a story in the future from you about this, maybe oil eating aliens attacking Earth to get at the spill…


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