So much in physics and chemistry depends on how atoms interact with each other.  These interactions make life possible.  They make technology work.  They make stars burst into flames.  If only there were some chart with all the different kinds of atoms, listing some of the important information about them… such a chart would be very useful to scientists and science fiction writers…

Oh… apparently we’ve had this for over a century.  It’s called the periodic table.

I’m not a complete idiot.  I knew it existed.  I just never realized I needed it for something.  This is a little like the day I realized I could get books for free at the library.    It wasn’t until I discovered how much I love reading that this fact mattered to me.

Anyway, I’m looking for my own copy of the periodic table of elements.  I know that’s not such a hard thing to find.  There are plenty of them on the Internet.  But I want a large version, one that can include large amounts of useful data.  Furthermore, I want one I can write notes on, customizing the information for my own purposes.

I’ve checked out several options.  There certainly are poster-sized periodic tables available for me to buy, but I think my best option is to pull out a large sheet of paper and make my own.  If nothing else, the act of drawing one hundred and eighteen boxes and filling them with the information I need should be a good learning experience.  Also, my box on silicon will mention the Horta from Star Trek.

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  1. weight says:

    yeah my dad will like this


  2. Casi Nerina says:

    I hadn’t thought about doing something like this. It’s a good idea, did you follow through on it?


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