Mission Statement

Welcome to Planet Pailly, a blog about the sciency side of science fiction. I’m your host, James Pailly, a science fiction fanatic and wannabe Sci-Fi author.

As a writer and blogger, I am trying to improve my overall scientific knowledge, especially my knowledge of space exploration. If you like space, if you wish you could go to space, if you yearn for the day when we can all go to space, then I hope you’ll join me in my ongoing exploration of the universe.

Aa01 Come to Space

Throughout 2015, we’ll be touring the Solar System, starting with the Sun and traveling all the way out to the Kuiper Belt (where Pluto lives). Many of my posts on the Solar System will include highly accurate technical diagrams like the one pictured below.

Ja01 Mr Sun

In addition to the Solar System series, Planey Pailly features several other ongoing series like Sciency Words, Artsy Science, and Molecular Mondays (coming soon). I also participate in the Insecure Writers Support Group, so you can expect to see IWSG posts on this blog on the first Wednesday of every month.

My first love is, of course, science fiction, so I wouldn’t let a scientific fact get in the way of a good story. But that doesn’t excuse me from doing my research. Grappling with the complexities and nuances of science is an important part of my writing process because the real universe is more weird and wonderful than anything I could have imagined on my own.

* * *

Please check out my new, updated mission statement by clicking here.

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