State of the Blog

Hello, friends!

Once again, sorry for not blogging in a while.  Today, I want to give you a quick update on what’s happening with me and my writing.

In October, some stressful things happened and derailed all my writing plans for the month.  But even before October happened, I felt like I was stuck in a writing rut.  I’d write hundreds of words per day, adding up to thousands of words per week, and yet I still felt like I was making absolutely no progress.  So my muse and I have agreed that it’s time to take my writing in a new direction.

Some decisions have already been made regarding Tomorrow News Network and other projects that I’d previously been working on.  Other decisions will be decided soon.  But I do know that my research process is going to stay the same, and this blog will continue to play a key role in how my research process works.

The #1 best way to learn is to try to explain whatever you’re learning to other people.  Doing that can reveal where your knowledge is strong and where it is still kind of hazy.  The discussions we have in the comments sections of my blog posts have been invaluable to me.  And also, I honestly do appreciate it when someone in the comments tells me that I’ve made a mistake.  Those discussions are invaluable to me, too.

My blogging and social media presence will be somewhat sporadic for the remainder of 2022, but I expect things to get back to normal in January of 2023.  Sciency Words will return on January 9th, and I hope to stick to a schedule of one to two posts per week after that.  The new direction I’m taking with Tomorrow News Network has already led me to some surprising and new (or at least new to me) science facts, which should lead to some fun conversations in the months to come.

So thank you, friends, for reading, and I look forward to talking with you more very soon.

12 thoughts on “State of the Blog

  1. or just an idea: If you look through your old notes, something you jotted down when you felt better, and just write that… each week something little. It might help you to keep in touch without over-exerting yourself. Like just one paragraph maybe…, just to say hi to everyone.

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    1. Good advice. I like recycling, and I do have lots of old notes that I can re-use for new projects. I actually haven’t felt this excited about writing in a long, long time. It’s just going to be a little while before I have much to show.

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  2. Take all the time you need. I hope you have time to enjoy the holidays. Self care is important, especially for people in creative fields. I’m sure everyone will love this new direction.

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  3. There’s no doubting that a little time away can help thing become clearer, although I’m sorry to hear about October’s difficulties. Great to hear you sounding excited about your writing again 🙂


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