Going to Mars is My Dream, But Not My Passion

Hello, friends!

So this post isn’t really about Mars.  I mean, if NASA ever announces that they desperately need to send a writer/illustrator to Mars, I’d volunteer.  I’d love to go to Mars!  That would be awesome!

But I don’t expect that to happen.  Even if we do send humans to Mars, and even if that does happen in my lifetime, those humans will be scientists and engineers.  They’ll be people who are good at math.  I’m not a math person, nor do I wish to become a math person.

So while I dream about standing on the surface of the Red Planet, my passions lie elsewhere.  And I think it’s important to know the difference between your dreams and your passions.  Dreams matter.  Your dreams say a lot about who you are as a person and what you believe (and do not believe) about the world.  Cherish your dreams, but pursue your passions.

I have a passion for writing and also a (slightly lesser) passion for art.  If I could spend every day of my life writing and drawing, that would be glorious.  If I had to spend every day doing math, I’d be miserable.  And that’s why I write blog posts about Mars rather than sitting in a laboratory somewhere trying to figure out how to actually get to Mars.

Of course, no matter what your dreams and passions happen to be, there will still be closed-minded people trying to stand in judgement over you.  Ignore those people.  Cut them out of your life, if you can (maybe consider moving to another planet, if the opportunity comes up).

So what are your dreams, and what are your passions, and what are you doing to pursue them?

9 thoughts on “Going to Mars is My Dream, But Not My Passion

  1. Follow that passion for art. What you drew there is not only good but a perfect example of what’s wrong with our country right now. Maybe you could do political cartoons? (Although you might feel like me that it’s best just to avoid the topic.)

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    1. I don’t think I’m pugnacious enough for political cartooning. I’ll stick to the sciency stuff! Though even that will occasionally dip into political territory.


      1. So many dreams! It’s impossible to pursue them all! And that’s why I think it’s helpful to make a distinction between dreams and passions. True passions are, I think, few in number.


  2. I also “dream” of going to Mars. Ever since I saw The Martian, I’ve occasionally pictured what that would be like. I have so many dreams. My passions are writing and reading and traveling, seeing new places, on earth which is more in my budget.

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    1. That movie made Mars feel so real! I loved it! If it were feasible for me to go to Mars, I’d go. But yeah, with the budget I have to work with, I do not expect that to happen.


  3. Scientists and engineers may make up a Martian settlement, but artists make a society. In the future we will need all kinds of people with varying skillsets and from all backgrounds!

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