Daily Life with Dinosaurs

Hello, friends!

There’s an important science fact that I wish more people were aware of.  Birds are not merely the descendants of dinosaurs.  According to a taxonomic system called cladistics (also known as phylogenetic systematics), birds are dinosaurs.  To quote this article from DinoBuzz:

Using proper terminology, birds are avian dinosaurs; other dinosaurs are non-avian dinosaurs, and (strange as it may sound) birds are technically considered reptiles.  Overly technical?  Just semantics?  Perhaps, but still good science.

So with that in mind, the following statements are 100% true:

  • I often wake up to the sound of noisy dinosaurs outside my window.
  • I sometimes see dinosaurs swimming in the river near my house.
  • I hate it when dinosaurs poop on my car.
  • I enjoy eating dinosaur meat.  Sometimes I put dinosaur meat on sandwiches or in salads.

Anyway, what sort of experiences have you had with dinosaurs in your daily life?  Please share in the comments!

P.S.: Have you seen those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets in the grocery store? They’re cute.  I’m just not convinced that they’re made from 100% real dinosaur meat.

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